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What is Affmeter?

Affmeter is an easy, secure, and reliable way to gather your affiliate revenue statistics from all of your Affiliate Networks and Google Adwords PPC costs data into one place. Webmasters who are currently using multiple programs are finding Affmeter to be a big time saver.

By using Affmeter you can;

      • Consolidate all your revenue data from all of your Affiliate Networks into one place.
      • Easily find which merchants are your big revenue generators, and which ones are costing you the most.
      • Make a net revenue analysis by comparing how much money you have earned and how much  money you have paid for a campaign


      • Saves you a lot of time and money on repetitive tasks.
      • Helps you to auto-login your affiliate network accounts.
      • Automates routine business processes like collecting statistics from affiliate networks.
      • Has an extremely easy and straightforward user interface.
      • Eases your work load and increases your productivity.
      • Lets you to import your statistics into Excel.

How was Affmeter created ?

Originally Affmeter is an idea of Firuze Gokce and Fethi Gokce who are affiliate marketers since 2003.  They contacted software developer friends Ersin Celik and Serhan Pocan to combine their skills and produce solutions for automatic revenue collection. The outcome is foundation of Affmeter LLC in 2007. Since then they dedicate their selves to improve Affmeter  and create effective solutions for affiliate marketing industry.

How does Affmeter work?

Professional database management tools like MySQL or PostgreSQL seem to be the best way to handle affiliate revenue data. There are very few tools that efficiently handle affiliate revenue data, but the affiliate marketer has to know how to use these tools in order to create necessary the tables, fields, etc. We decided to provide a much simpler way: a single, consolidated environment for viewing all of your revenue data without having to create all the tables and fields yourself.

To handle all this complex data, one might consider collecting all the data in a central database. This would be easier for sure, but the data would be insecure!

The solution presented itself: the data will be stored on the affiliate marketers own computers. This is a much simpler, more reliable and secure solution than installing a professional database. It also provides much better performance than working with an XML or TXT file.

Affmeter collects the data from the affiliate networks for you, so you can work on the data on your own computer, safely and easily.

To enable consolidation, all of the data fields collected from the affiliate networks (Commission Junction, Linkshare, Performics, Google Adsense, Clickbank, LinkMo, Linktrust, Zanox,  Affiliate Window, Affiliate Future, Tradedoubler,, DGM Affliates, Webgains,, PaidonResults, Clixgalore) should be identical. For example, if you want to consolidate your ‘impressions’ and ‘clicks’ from 4 different networks, you need to be able to get the data for the ‘impressions’ and ‘clicks’ from each of them separately. Even if only one of the data fields is missing from only one of the networks, then that consolidation can’t give you the information you need to make the right decisions.

We designed Affmeter for convenient consolidation and reliable projections.


When publishing a report the key is to display only the desired information in a very simple and meaningful way. The affiliate marketer should be busy finding the best way to increase revenue and not spend the bulk of his time trying to find and consolidate his/her revenue data or learning a complex tool.

We created the Affmeter Report Manager to provide reports that are detailed enough to set the affiliate marketers on the proper path, but simple enough to easily manage the revenue data. Using the Report Manager, you can view:

The Affiliate Revenue Data from different Affiliate Networks (Commission Junction, Linkshare, Performics, Google Adsense, Clickbank, LinkMo, Linktrust, Zanox,  Affiliate Window, Affiliate Future, Tradedoubler,, DGM Affliates, Webgains,, PaidonResults, Clixgalore), either individually or together.

    * Number of clicks
    * Each network’s share of revenue
    * EPC
    * The changes in revenue amounts for different networks over time
    * Revenue generated by individual merchants
    * The changes in revenue amounts for different merchants over time
    * Poor performing merchants
    * Best performing merchants
    * Number of clicks by merchant

Affmeter Scheduler

The Affemeter Scheduler keeps your IP address safe and clean. Network operators are always busy keeping their systems safe. They watch everything that goes on at their sites. Whenever they realize a particular IP address is hitting the site a lot at a certain time, they will ban the IP address from the site, sometimes without any notification.

The Affmeter scheduler prevents this from happening to your IP address. It hits sites for the necessary data at sporadic time intervals, not all at once.

Affmeter Sales Manager

Affmeter Sales Manager is an e-mail notifier and can be set to notify you on a regular basis as often as every hour or whenever revenue is updated.

Affmeter Merchant Monitor

This tool is very important for the affiliate marketer. Professional affiliate marketers are always opening new campaigns for different merchants which need to be tracked. These new merchant campaigns can be either generating revenue or not. To stop or continue a campaign for a merchant is a critical decision for the affiliate marketer and he needs to follow the revenue streams for that merchant for a specified time period. The Merchant Watcher Tool acts as the affiliate marketer’s eyes, watching what all of his merchants are doing, no matter how many merchants he has.

How to Use Affmeter

   1. Download the Affmeter agent from our site.
   2. Install it on your computer.
   3. Affmeter will ask for account information for each of your networks.
   4. Affmeter collects your previous five day's data.
   5. Your data will be kept in your PC and you can get the reports for the latest updated data even if you are not online.
   6. When you have not used Affmeter online for more than five days, you need to use Affmeter’s Scheduler to retrieve the missing data.
   7. You will receive e-mails concerning your operations once a day.


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  • Affmeter has partnered with Affiliates4U in UK. Check out our new press release, June. 18th, 2009.

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