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    Affmeter has partnered with Affiliates4u in UK

    Affmeter LLC is pleased to announce that starting from today all of the Support Forum issues will be directed to the” Affmeter Statistics and Analytics Discussion Thread” in Affiliates4u UK.

    “22 January 2009 was a starting point for Affiliates4u members to discuss Affmeter . Since then forum members like to talk about Affmeter issues, requests or news at this special thread which has become “Moderators Choice”. It becomes a natural instinct for Affmeter users to check out Affiliates4u forum or post their support issues before sending us e-mails about their problems or requests” says Firuze Okten Gokce CEO of Affmeter.

    Affmeter Pro which is an automatic revenue collection tool for affiliate marketers who has multiple network accounts is a big time saver for affiliates. Many affiliates like to use this tool since they can spend more time on their marketing activities or other projects instead of exhausting their energy for logging into different network accounts. Affmeter also collecting the statistics of Google Adwords PPC costs along with a net revenue analysis dashboard. Comparison Tables,  Top performing ,  Poor Performing merchants, Merchant Watcher Tools are helping  affiliates to grab the whole picture of his/her activities.

    According to Matthew Wood Founder of Affiliates4u "It's great that the future development of such as useful tool for affiliates being debated and discussed on the Affiliates4u Forum - any innovation that enables our members to drill deeper into their reports and analyse performance and ROI is a huge step forward"

    Affiliates4u is UK’s largest Affiliate Communication platform with its forums, blogs and social environment.  Affiliates4u Team are also involving in A4uExpo (UK’s and Europe’s top events on Affiliate Marketing), A4uAwards (The prestigious Award Event for Affiliate Marketing Industry in UK) and many other event organizations. Affiliates4u is continuing to establish, educate and gather all the players of Affiliate Marketing Industry in one platform which is catalyzing the development of Performance Marketing Industry in UK.

    Affmeter users are welcomed by Firuze Okten Gokce (CEO of Affmeter) in this Special Thread. “The friendly spirit of Affiliates4u forum makes it easier to handle any problems. Constantly being backed by the feeds of Affmeter user’s gives us speed to figure out the nature of the issues or requests. Affiliates4u is a complete communication platform for Affmeter to shape up its development path of with new features and requests” says Firuze Okten Gokce.

    All the users of Affmeter from all over the world are invited to join Affiliates4u forum to experience a better support service of Affmeter and become a part of friendly and informative environment.

    Affmeter LLC is Delaware registered US company but based in Turkey since 2005. Firuze Okten Gokce is the CEO of the company and she has been an affiliate marketer since 2003. She is still discussing Performance  Marketing issues at her blog and also a Founding Charter member of Performance Marketing Alliance in US. She has also got expertise in web design and creating web based projects in her former company Utopya Visual Communications.


    Firuze Okten Gokce, Affmeter LLC
    office: 90 312 242 1469
    mobile: 90 555 337 7937



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  • Affmeter has partnered with Affiliates4U in UK. Check out our new press release, June. 18th, 2009.

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